Tuesday, December 6, 2011

 169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at Shoes.com with code SECRET2019 Days of Christmas

Since the final week of school (and ski weekend vacations) have me super busy and a bit sidetracked, my avoidance of the internet has become prevalent.  That said, I'll only be sharing 19, rather then 25, of my favorite Christmas time goodies this year.  Things I want, own, would give an arm/leg for...or things I'll buy for my parents and sisters that I will eventually "borrow" for myself-- (and potentially never return).  To kick off this eventful 19 days- Alexander Wang.  Actually, my most recent purchase.  Since I took my budget into account, I settled with the silver Fabiana cape shoes, no fur included.  But the red ones give a fine Christmas vibe... and I love Christmas.  Not to mention shopbop has a variety of these furry things on sale. Happy day 1

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