Sunday, December 25, 2011

169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET20Merry Merry! 

What better way to begin preparing for the the last 6 days of the year than by getting lots of gold? From left the right, down, left, right... hmm... Miu Miu, Amanda Wakeley, Ileana Makri, Giuseppe Zanotti, and last but certainly not least, Matthew Williamson.  All at your fingertips
Merry Christmas to everyone! 
Be grateful & stay blessed, crazy people 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 Days: Day 4

Fancy little thing. Kinda like a wear it everyday thing.  And it comes in a small box.  Who doesn't like small boxes? Unless it's a crappy box. 
169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET2019 Days: Day 3

Today, a focus on things I really like.  Well, technically, I really like everything I post, because if I didn't, what would be the point? Would there be a point? Is there? My first pair of Superga's came to me the summer of 2010 that I spent in Malaga, Spain with a few close buddies.  They're comfortable.  Don't like socks? Don't need them.  Looking kinda American, which never goes out of season. Also available on shopbop 
19 Days: 169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET20Day 2

If I had friends, then this is what I would get them.  Encrusted, one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, or hair pieces that turn simple into simple-chic.  I like what I see, do you not? I see this a fit gift for a range of age-groups, and may have to get my youngest sister one. Or Santa will. Or something like that.  Visit frieda&nellie to see the entirety of the collection. 

 169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET2019 Days of Christmas

Since the final week of school (and ski weekend vacations) have me super busy and a bit sidetracked, my avoidance of the internet has become prevalent.  That said, I'll only be sharing 19, rather then 25, of my favorite Christmas time goodies this year.  Things I want, own, would give an arm/leg for...or things I'll buy for my parents and sisters that I will eventually "borrow" for myself-- (and potentially never return).  To kick off this eventful 19 days- Alexander Wang.  Actually, my most recent purchase.  Since I took my budget into account, I settled with the silver Fabiana cape shoes, no fur included.  But the red ones give a fine Christmas vibe... and I love Christmas.  Not to mention shopbop has a variety of these furry things on sale. Happy day 1

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET20In light of Thanksgiving, here are some photos to egg on the holidays. I am overjoyed to be home from school, though I do love Colorado, and spending some one-on-one quality time with my family. I love cuddling and gossiping with my sisters...while my brother sits on his ass playing video games.  Family is fun. Food is more fun. And there's lot's of food around this time of year. So much for my diet. Stay happy. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Topshop, Rag & Bone

169082_20% off plus Free Shipping at with code SECRET20Little baby booties. Easy to maneuver the streets in and a little spunky at times.  Kinda western in some cases? But there's nothing wrong with that now is there. Last time I traveled to London, I became exposed to thousands of women roaming the streets in these fabulous creations

Ralph Lauren

A re-occuring fall trend, houndstooth. Growing up I feel like I saw more houndstooth and tweed than any other child in Houston and Manhattan. Is that an offense? Times are changing and I now own my own tweed houndstooth jacket. Two in one. Cool, right? This particular vest says it all. Balenciaga waistcoat vest in large houndstooth print. Santa?... (daddy?!) 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Velvet, velvet! Go get yourself some.  Oh yeah, look at my beautiful little angel sister. I love you oh so madly! And those velvet pants suit you well. 
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