Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ooooh leopard. All year long. Shoes: Sam Edelman Shorts: Current/Elliott White shirt: Monrow. Shorts: Rebecca Minkoff Black shirt: Cosabella 

Dear Dad, thank you for the newest addition to my family of scarves. The bigger the better, that's what I think. May not be the warmest, but it's big enough to wear as a toga, now fancy that. And the bag, cool suede. Navy and white and black and gray, winter winter. I'm frightened to see what will happen when I put things in the bag, since it's already heavy and I tend to over-pack. Always. Thank you to both of my Alexander boyfriends, McQueen and Wang, for making my week that much better. Yay

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just wanted to share a tidbit of last weekend, from one of my most favorite places in the whole world, and home to my sorta-cool other half.     Aspen, Colorado 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ah, fur. Ah, sisters. Both cropped jackets were a gift to my most wonderful mother from her most wonderful mother when she was tween with a sassy attitude. Just like these two little ladies. 
Photos taken in Watch Hill, RI 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's all about the coat, reallythe coat. Get it? Check it out. Bye.  

Shoes- Christian Louboutin

And a grand thanks to Nastya Pirate for the title background photo.

Spots and such...

See all these spots? Me too. And I like what I see. Barney's pony-hair Bernice smoking slippers are unquestionably a closet staple. The Penelope & Coco dalmatian oxford pumps have rubbery soles, perfect for all you people in the cold, icy weather. And lastly, the Zara hair Coltskin bag. I prefer to carry it as a clutch. I'm having a major clutch phase... pretty risky move for nights filled with vodka soda's and no curfew. Ha. Ha. Yay, spots 

Notable neon

Jenni Kayne / Christopher Kane 

Miu Miu / Balenciaga

Miu Miu
On the right occasion (key words), a pop of neon here or there adds a bit of fun to your attire. Neon is noticeable, clearly. Miu Miu loves neon. Balenciaga has a fair share of neon themselves. Just reminiscing about the neon jewelry Chuck E. Cheese distributed to the highest ticket holders. What's better? 

Monday, October 17, 2011

out on a Lim


Put two and two together. It (usually) never fails, if you do it right. Phillip Lim's  sleeveless Combo Crop Top can be worn alone, but why would you do that? Pair it with a long sleeved silk blouse, add some autumn color, and some color-blocking slacks. You'll fit right in with the Starbucks fall color scheme. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

flat essentials

Balenciaga, Lanvin

Pretty Ballerinas

Simply put, these are a few of the world's greatest, most versatile, shoes. Walk a lot? Not a problem. 20 blocks in a heartbeat, blister-free guarantee. Beige is always a safe call, but try something a little bolder like the magenta Pretty Ballerinas. Put a jagged edge on your feet.  If ya can't get them, gaze with great admiration, lady. 

Friday, October 14, 2011


Givenchy, Haute Hippie, Alexander Wang

Juliette Jake, Bottega Veneta, Chloe

Antik Batik,Balenciaga, sass and bide

Self explanatory.

Capes are cool

Rag&Bone at Rag&Bone, Pendleton at Shopbop, K-DASH at QVC

Boy. by Band of Outsiders at Barneys, Rachel Zoe, at Shopbop United Bamboo at La Garconne

BHLDN cape, Lily Collins photo

Let's talk capes. Capes are cool, I swear. It's getting a little chilly around these parts, and who doesn't want a little warmth from a jacket that makes them look ready to take flight? Hmm? Let's focus on the greater good these things do. For starters, don't get one that cuts off your arms too much, play around with the different shapes and styles to find one that fits you...you, you, you. Feeling extra funky? Check out the cape Lily Collins wore in the most recent issue of Teen Vogue. I say, yes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

red hot

And on that bright cheery note, thank you God for white--my go-to (along with black, no duh). Who gives a crap if it's after Labor Day and almost mid-October? Wear more white. Bag: Alexander Wang, shoes: Christian Louboutin, shirt: Alexander Wang , pants: Opening Ceremony

Jenni Kayne (www.shopbop.com), Helmut Lang (www.helmutlang.com), Alexander McQueen (www.alexandermcqueen.com)***And a side note to my beauty, Alex Pontikes, for owning and most gracefully wearing these shoes. Only you, Alex, only YOU

Proenza Schouler bag&Alexander McQueen bracelet  (www.netaporter.com), Alaia wedges 

Miu Miu, Miu Miu, Hermes, Stella McCartney (Spring 2012)

If you don't like red, learn to. Red, red, red. In all shapes and forms. However you prefer to showcase your tastefulness, do it in the comfort of something red. It's the first color of the rainbow for a reason, because it rocks. Red hot, baby

Even in Africa, red is popular (photo's taken by yours truly, summer 2011)

return of the turtleneck

We don't know about your hometown, but ours makes the perfect home for turtleneck lovers. I know the first thing that comes to mind- your moms solid colored-cotton-longsleeved-apres ski apparel. But let's get real, turtlenecks come in many more complex forms, right? I could live in this Yigal Azrouel black and white cashmere sweater; well, I could live in anything cashmere, but that's beside the point. Helmut Lang showcases a plethora of neck-covering pieces that anyone could use. On the runway, Yves Saint Laurent, Hakaan, and Chanel all displayed their turtleneck love in their Spring 2012 collections. Cowl-neck-turtle-neck-funnel-neck- bring them on.  


It's almost Halloween, and since you are reading this, you probably have access to a form of technology that allows you to do so. And since you have that privilege, you probably also have the ability to fill your plastic pumpkin with all sorts of candy and goodies when Halloween actually does roll around. Lucky for you. Many families around the world can't even put one meal a day on the table, none-the-less fill an entire bucket with candy. Lauren Bush and her team work their butts off to create and sell products that give back to those who need it the most. How about trading your plastic pumpkin (it's ugly anyways) for a fun canvas tote? It fits more candy. More importantly than gaining a new bag, you'll be helping other people. Each bag purchased (this goes beyond the Halloween themed bag) helps those across the globe have access to the food and nutrients we often take for granted. For each purchase of this particular bag, UNICEF collects funds to provide a child with a years worth of micronutrient powder.. God gave you that big ol' heart for a reason. Visit the FEED website for all sorts of fun stuff...adios

Oh la la

*stone age*

*to date*

Y'all should go check out the blog belonging to this guy... pretty creative for a middle-aged dude. What do you think? Winner or winner?  yeehaw 

Happy 20th birthday

An honorary tribute to one of my dear idols in the world of shoes, Christian. Christian Louboutin. If I were given the choice between meals for a week or a pair of your shoes, I would pick the latter-(though a weeks worth of meals may only pay for one shoe of the pair...hmm). Thank you for 20 magnificent years. That's longer than my lifespan. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lava filled Christopher Kane

One year, all I wanted for my birthday was a lava lamp. My mom wouldn't buy me one because she said it would burn the house down (?). Plug it in and watch the goo, once frozen to the bottom, float around in abstract shapes and forms...cool huh? Yeah maybe in 1995. Christopher Kane's gel-filled clutch (net-a-porter) reminds me of the good old days, and it won't start a fire. Or maybe it will? 
By the way, I got the lava lamp. 

Fall 2011: Hermes

Hermes always brings an effortless equestrian look to fashion; but, really, what else is new? No one does equestrian chic better than Hermes. Leather pant-boots paired with leather trimmed tweed jackets, hooded colored felt, furs, and clean cut suedes.  Aside from the beige/cream/green/brown/white/black/yellow/burgundy color scheme comes the ultimate display of the ever noticeable Hermes prints ---> more commonly recognized on their fleet of classic scarves. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, the hats... did they borrow that look from Amelia Earhart? Looking for something to wear to a polo match? Look no further. Success, Christophe Lemaire